- All of the these super affiliate bloggers are bringing you lame ass services like keyword research tools and ad copiers. Real fuckin' original.

"Protection" is a new service from that you can really use. Affiliate marketing is one cut-throat industry, and there are snakes in the grass everywhere. Haters and theives make their living in affiliate marketing and it's time someone did something about it. No nerdy shit here. Just fists to the face and knives to the throat. Our prices are fair. Our "employees" are the best in the business. Our services, unmatched.

Knock Around Guys
Did another affiliate steal your landing page? You spent hours and days coming up with a new campaign and some punk ass bitch took 5 minutes to steal it? We know you're tired of that shit, and it's about time it stopped.

Spot Blowers
It can drive you mad when some asshole posts your whole shit on a popular forum. Some dumb dipshit thinks they'll be helpful by telling the whole world about your campaign and domains. Newbs just waiting to jack up your bid prices and stealing your whole campaign.

Shave Busters
Who the fuck do these affiliate networks think they are? Shaving your hard earned leads to make up for some other frocio's bad leads. When you catch some affiliate network shaving your shit like it's their balls, it's time you send a message.

Network not paying you because they don't like your targetted spam? Well fuck them, your traffic is better than half these faguls. Of course, there's a number of reasons that a network doesn't pay up, but in the end it's all about a dollar bill.

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